I am Leah Freeman, The artsy peer.

You must love the arts, because you are here.

I would love to aid you in reaching your goals,

Using the arts to express your inner soul.

You can sing a song of emotional range,

You can act it out to heal your pain,

You can dance to the tune of your own unique beat,

You can draw or paint what makes you feel complete.

Maybe you are quite the novice painter,

or a dreamer, or an actress, or a poet, or a thinker.

Maybe you are beginning to find your art,

To discover your voice and speak from the heart.

As long as you have an open mind,

Any art you do will be just fine.

We can dream big, and think creatively

Let's create your recovery!







Leah Freeman
Certified Peer Specialist
(470) 440-1248
Atlanta, Ga