• Leah Freeman


A glimmer of light in the distance of a dark tunnel

A vision that comes in my mind after a long, perpetual writers block

A heart beat after a flat-line,

A passion rekindled after a depression

Waking up another day just to be thankful for everything I have

For the Person I am, and who I will be

For the life that I live and for the days to come

For the road I've been on, and for the road that lies ahead

Not stopping until I reach my destination

Not giving up when the struggle gets hard

Looking beyond the storm and seeing the sun

Everyone goes through a rough patch

To build strength and tenacity to smooth it out

When we fall to the ground

And we find a way just to sit back up

And look around at what we stumbled upon

A diamond in the dirt

So we pick it up,

dust it off,

And its brilliant shine resembles the mended pieces of a broken heart

A lost soul that has found its way

A life long question that has been answered

A destination that has been reached

The glimmer of light that lit up a dark tunnel

Shinning like an eternal ray of hope

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